Stair Tread Rugs

Stairs and staircases have three major potential problems.

• They can be dangerous places. People fall, get hurt, and some even die every year.

• They are high traffic areas and receive lots of wear and tear

• They can be quite ugly (or quite beautiful and add to your décor)

One solution to all of these potential problems is stair tread rugs. These are small rugs you put down on each stair. They help prevent the slippery stair problem and guard against slips and falls. They also are available in a wide variety of designs, colors, and patterns to match or complement your staircase, and to accentuate your staircase's beauty. They also help protect stairs from both ordinary wear and bumps, bruises, chips, and dings.

Stair tread rugs range from inexpensive yet functional to expensive and near pieces or art.

The ones we have on our cellar stairs are inexpensive green oval pieces of carpet we bought inexpensively from Amazon and they are tacked in place. They look OK, they certainly are not ugly, but as essentially no one sees them their look was not a primary concern. Cost and durability were more important. We could have instead used treads made of a number of different materials such as rubber, vinyl, aluminum, or even used non slip tape.

We also have stair tread rugs on our master staircase which is immediately visible to all guests who enter the house. Décor is much more of an issue here which should come as no surprise. My wife and mother in law spent what seemed to be months looking for something appropriate and finally chose some delightful braided stair tread rugs that match our front hall colors. They also leave a good portion of the hardwood stairs visible, while still making the stairs safer and protecting against wear and tear, especially an issue when there are children.

I didn’t ask what they cost but I assure you they cost much more than the cheapies on the cellar stairs! We had them professionally installed unlike the ones on the cellar stairs which we did ourselves quickly one afternoon.

Some stair tread rugs are designed to be tacked down with carpet tacks, other are attached with adhesive. Some even have adhesive backing to make them very easy to install. Yet others have non skid backings and are merely laid down in place, much like welcome mats. This makes them easy to pick up and clean.

There are many types, including stair tread rugs - braided material construction, and stair tread rugs - oriental styles. These could be authentic oriental rugs or just oriental style rugs.

One similar option is using stair tread carpet, usually a contiguous piece of carpet that is cut to shape and then tacked down. We considered using carpet, but instead went with our individual carpet stair tread rugs and are very happy. Options are good, and when it comes to stair coverings there are many!

Stair runners, also known as stair tread runner, are also popular. These are a thin piece of carpet, bound on all edges, that covers most but not all the width of your stairs. If for example your stairs are made of beautiful hardwood, the edges of the stairs show the wood.

There are plenty of manufacturers, including Colonial Mills Rugs which makes both various types of runners and stair tread rugs, and Alto Stair Treads, sometimes described as "very hip small carpets for stairs." My kids love the glow in the dark ones, great for safety!